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Featured Artist: Mission South

Mission South

This week’s featured artist is local blues and rock band Mission South. These guys recently released their latest EP “Migration Vol. 1” recorded here at our Kensington, MD studio and they are gearing up for their debut show at the one and only 9:30 club. The band will be opening up for local favorites Virginia Coalition December 17th and they couldn’t be more psyched. Their latest EP was engineered and produced by Jarrett Nicolay of Virginia Coalition, so the band will be a great fit for an opener at the 9:30 show. We caught up with the band for a quick interview to see how they feel about their upcoming show, their latest release, and being a part of the Washington, DC music scene.

So who is Mission South and where are you guys from?

Mission South is three best friends that hail from the DC area.  We’ve known each other since the fourth grade, grew up less then a mile from one another, have backpacked through Europe together, kissed the same girls, have a helluva good time in one another’s company, and can’t really remember when our band started because it’s just always been this way.

Mission South

We know it’s tough to be categorized, but what sort of music would you say you guys write?

A blog that covered our new release said that if Ben Harper and Pearl Jam had a baby, and then that baby grew up and made sweet love to the powerful woman that is New Orleans soul, the sounds of their love making would be the stuff our music is made of.  We thought that was pretty sexy, but I think it’s also important to note that our music has as much intellect to contemplate as it does rhythm to move to.  We’re a band that doesn’t let an inch of material pass by without giving it a second thought.

This last EP, “Migration Vol. 1” was engineered and produced by Jarrett Nicolay of VACO, what was it like working with him and how was that experience?

Jarrett put the hair on our band’s chest.  We knew going into it that he would have a lot of knowledge to impart our way on more than just the process of recording, and that was important to us.  Still, none of us expected to walk away as the more mature and self-aware musicians we became.  We would come into the studio some mornings and Jarrett would already be there, blasting our tracks and playing along.  His dedication and experience are unparalleled.  He’s an awesome guy and we hope he is at all of our weddings.

So, how pumped is the band to be playing the world famous 9:30 club for the first time?

Words can’t really do the excitement justice.  We grew up four blocks from that place and each of us saw our first show there.  We’ve also all probably been kicked out of there at some point.  Every musician has their own list of venues they dream of playing, and this is number one on all of our lists.  We just got added to the website today and we all totally freaked out again haha.

Migration Vol 1. is called Volume 1 for a reason, no? Tell us a little bit about future plans for a Vol. 2?

The short length of each volume on the Migration series allows us to hone our craft and identity, trying out new concepts and sounds and to see how people respond to them.  I think vol. 2 might turn out a little bit less rockin’ than vol. 1, and all of the songs will contain a common theme in their message…but that’s allllll I’m saying.

Whats next on the horizion for Mission South?

Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world.  No, but seriously, t-shirts.  We don’t have t-shirts and we’re about to play the 9:30 Club haha, so we’re in the process of fixing that.  Oh, and it looks like we’re moving down to New Orleans for a year, stay tuned.

Any shot outs or “hi-moms”?

Always.  We actually do have to shine some love on our parents, they’re at every show, totally dig what we’re doing, promote the hell out of it, and I don’t think there are many bands that can say that.  Also have to shout out the street team for the 9:30 Club show: Sebastian, Swury Q, Alex, Hannah, and Aaron, get get get it.  Big ups to SeppyDizil Productionz.  And finally, Otis Redding, because he’s our number one.

Make sure to head on over to their website where you can download a free copy of the album. Also click on over to the 9:30 website to purchase tickets to their upcoming show on December 17th.


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