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After the release of their EP “Days Like Dreams” in 2010, Asheville-based band The Broadcast have kept busy with their prevalent life on the road by playing many shows up and down the east coast. And they aren’t stopping any time soon. We spoke with Broadcast-drummer, Michael W. Davis about band-influences, life on the road, their recording process and the big plans the six-piece band has for 2012. Get to know more about The Broadcast!

Be sure to check them out live at Acre 121 on February 4th!

Listen to their EP “Days Like Dreams” from their Bandcamp below.

Who are The Broadcast?
The Broadcast is a 6-piece, female-fronted soul rock band. We originally formed in Brooklyn in 2007, and since the fall of 2010 we’ve been based in Asheville, North Carolina

Your sound provides a rock meets soul kind of vibe. Can you tell us about what inspires your sound and who your musical influences are?
We draw from a myriad of influences, from 60’s rock & roll, to Motown soul, to jazz and improvisational music. Each of us in the band has slightly different musical preferences – depending on who’s playing DJ in the van, we could be listening to Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Nick Drake, Arcade Fire, A Tribe Called Quest, Cake, or John Coltrane

You released your EP “Days Like Dreams” in 2010 and have been such road
warriors since then! Does it ever get extremely exhausting being on the road for so long?

It can definitely be exhausting – nobody enjoys finishing a show at 2am and driving 5 hours through the night to the next destination. We enjoy it though, it’s an adventure. For every terrible experience we have on the road, we have 10 positive experiences, and they all make for great stories. We’ve met so many incredible, fun, generous people on the road, and that makes it all worthwhile.


You all have played multiple shows in many cities up and down east coast. What have been your favorite cities to play?
We always love playing in NYC, our old stomping grounds. DC is a blast too. Big cities are great, but there’s a whole lot of small, music-loving towns all over the South that have been extremely supportive of us. Bristol, Tennessee in particular knows how to party…

Let’s talk more about your albums. Between the six of you, how did your songwriting process come about when recording your albums “Days Like Dreams” and “Over the Undercover”?
Our songs all start with someone in the band bringing a simple idea to the table – a lyric, a bass line, a basic melody, a dance, anything. From there, we work together to flesh out the structure and parts of the song, and we make adjustments until we’re happy. It’s a pretty democratic process that we continue to refine.

Both albums were recorded in Brooklyn and produced by Chris Cubeta. Did the recording process get easier the second time around?
The process was different for each of the albums. “Over The Undercover” was recorded in two parts – half of the songs feature the full band together in the studio, and the other half are from a session that Caitlin and Chris did a couple years prior. Chris actually plays a lot of the instruments on the first record. “Days Like Dreams” is something The Broadcast created as a unit, with a greater focus on the details of each part and how it fit into the song as a whole. With Chris’ guidance, recording both of the albums was very smooth.


We’re all very excited that The Broadcast are making another stop in DC to play Acre 121 again. How have your experiences been playing in DC many times before?
We love playing DC! I believe this will be our 6th or 7th time in DC; we keep coming back because we always enjoy ourselves. Last time we were in town, we played a Halloween party at Bayou. We went all out with costumes and face paint, and it was quite the night. We’re looking forward to being back at Acre 121. No face paint this time around, sorry.

Does the band have any big plans for 2012? Can your fans expect another album release?
We’ve been working very hard, and 2012 is going to be a big year for us. We recorded a live album back in September, which we will be releasing in March. It features some of our newer songs that are not on either of our previous records. We also just began working on our next studio album, which we’re very excited about. We’ll be spending a lot more time on the road this year, branching out to new cities while revisiting places we know and love (like DC!). And as always, we’re keeping things fresh by writing new music and remaining our current songs.


Thanks for time, guys and gal. Anything else you want to add?
Big thanks to all our friends and fans – your support means the world to us. See you February 4 @ Acre 121!

For more information about The Broadcast and their upcoming shows, visit their website http://www.thebroadcastmusic.com/

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