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Featured Artist: Caveman

We are featuring the fresh New York band Caveman. Having only formed their group in 2010, Caveman has put out a solid sounding debut album called Coco Beware, which we got to speak to them about. They are currently touring the album, visiting venues across the US and TONIGHT they hit up Red Palace again, this time as headliners! The show is at 8:30pm, don’t miss out!

Could you give us an introduction to who the different members of the band are and what they contribute?

Jeff “Jeffy Pop, Buttered” Berrall is our starting power forward — no microwaves here, strictly hotness all way from the stove top to the three point line. Don’t touch him! Sam “Slammy” Hopkins is running the point, orchestrating the ball movement, no-look-passing and crossing over any and every defender he meets. Matty Pickles holds down the paint at the number 5 spot — but don’t foul him late in the game because he’ll hit ’em. At small forward, Stefan “Steftown, USA” Marolachakis is slashing to the rim and always minding his fundamentals. And at the 2, James “Chobe Bryant” Carbonetti is our very own Stevey Novak, lights-out 24/7.

How did the five of you decide to get together and form Caveman? And why the band name Caveman?

When none of us ended up getting picked in the first round of the NBA draft, we decided to go pro at music. We retreated to the cave to compose our thoughts, in the form of song.

We really dig your debut album Coco Beware, which came out late last year. Being a fairly new band, only getting together in 2010, how has the reception to the album been for you all so far?

It’s been quite a wild ride. Taking it day by day, game by game.

You all released the album digitally a couple months before the actual physical release. Was there any particular reason why you all choose to release it that way?

We like to keep the spoon in the stew at all times, just stirring all day long.

Take us behind the scenes a little bit. Were there any challenges, songwriting-wise, while making Coco Beware?

Well, we had to come together as a team. Everybody needed to show up to practice, get that chemistry going. It was a fun experience, some songs were done going into recording, others emerged while we were in the studio. Just wanted to make sure to keep open minds and open ears.

How about the recording process, any challenges there?

We had blast — -ate a lot of Grimaldi’s pizza and strolled around beautiful Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Where did you all record the album and who helped produce it?

We made the record at Loveboat Studio in Dumbo with our dear friend Nick Stumpf.

You all were a part of the epic week that was South by Southwest. Now that it’s over, how would describe your time in Austin?

It was much like chapter 2 of “Call of the Wild.”

Besides touring, is there anything special on the plate for you all for the rest of 2012?

The summer vibes! The Mayan apocalypse!

We’re excited to see you in DC again, so we hope you’re all excited to be back. The last time you guys played Red Palace, you were with The War on Drugs a little before the digital album release of Coco Beware. How was your experience playing that last show at Red Palace?

We love those dudes, had a great time. Looking forward to our next show, looks like Biden is going to be joining us on tambourine.

Thanks a lot for your time! Any last words?

Defense creates offense. The ball finds energy.

For more information on Caveman and their upcoming tour dates, visit www.cavemantheband.com, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!

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