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The Sea Life

About The Sea Life

“The 60s brought us folk, the 70s rock and roll, and the 80s brought us punk and louder than life synths. The 90s brought us Nirvana and boy bands that some people would rather forget and now, some might say, is the era of the hipster. But what’s a hipster to do when they are all out of underground bands? They look for new ones of course! They tread on the ultimate pursuit for the most definitive sound. The one they call “indie.”

If you’ve been living under a rock and do not have a clue what the sound of indie is, the music gurus can only suggest you listen to one band who fully encompasses this sound; The Sea Life.

This Maryland based band is a self-proclaimed indie rock, folk band who describe much of their sound to associate with a lo-fi variety. This essentially calls for lower quality sound equipment other than the usual standard for music, whether done purposefully or by circumstance of owning equipment they have no choice but to use. In all honesty, their latest EP, entitled The Sea Life, does not sound lo-fi in the slightest, unless it is pointing to the fact that the tunes are something other than the usual standard for music.

The first track entitled “Sleep” will tempt you to do anything but. The instrumentals are light and airy, with a twang of passive vocals almost similar to the nonchalant style of Weezer, but perhaps the most apparent aspect of this album is the ease about it. The track list is as reminiscent of teenage life as it is an average indie album. It stirs up thoughts about those sleepless nights, going over every detail in your head about whatever it is that you may have messed up and whether or not you care at all. It reminds you of the time you gave up on that significant moment or person and when you finally realized to get back up and do something about it. Most importantly, it reminds you of the careless things you did because there was nothing better to do, no one holding you back or telling you to think twice, and the fun of spontaneity leading you onward.

The Sea Life EP is a soundtrack for the young and carefree at heart. It’s for the sleepless dreamers and indecisive thinkers. Above all, it’s the sound of the new age, independent generation.” – Indie Music Reviewer

Genre: Indie
Location: Washington, DC
Website: www.thesealifemusic.tumblr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thesealifemusic